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  Our Normal Price
The price = item price + shipping (
25$per order),
Please place online orders through our store.

Our Wholesale Price
If your order is large,  you can negotiate the price with our company.   Specially if you would like to choose western union or money gram as payment, you will save
pay fee.

1. Place Self-help order online (It's easy and fast)

You can do it like this:

Please go to our website, choose the product then click photo -->  choose size and quantity then click "add to cart" -->  if you need more item please click "Back to shopping”--> then click "go to checkout"--> input your shipping address and choose payment then click " continue checkout" to submit the order list.

If you want to send payment by Credit card(VISA), please go on to pay it online, and if you want to send payment by other option, please send email to tell me.

After you submit the order we will receive the order list by email.

2. Place orders list sending to our email

If you don't understand how to place order online, then please email me product ID#, size, quantity, and your shipping info include receiver name, address, phone#, then i will place orders for you.

When getting your order list, we will reply you as soon as possible, please contact us:

For wholesalers, you may need the latest updated product pictures,  then you can view below photo albums.   If you want to download them, you can easily download it.   any questions about download, just ask me.   if you find any product you want, you can send pictures to me by attached a Microsoft Word file.

Any questions about size or price, please ask me.


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